What is a Safe Zone for Campus Security?
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Peace of Mind in the Zone

Safe Zones offer a unique safety feature for Educational Facilities such as Universities and Colleges. With the Safe Zone in place, the student will be able to press the panic button on their wristband if they’re in trouble and the security control room will know where they are on campus to go and help. Our fast response system on the app allows students to contact the campus’ security room with one button so they can send their nearest guard to assist if necessary.

The Safe Zone works seamlessly across all Safe Zone venues, so if a student is visiting another Safe Zone campus or venue, their wristband will work there as well.

The wristbands can also be branded with the Universitiy or College logo, so it also acts as a promotional item.

Emergency Situations

In an emergency situation, like a fire, emergency personnel will be able to see the last known location of people on campus, which could help speed up rescue efforts.

Safe Zone Tracking App

The Safe Zones Mobile App also protects the student outside of the campus. The app creates their own personal Safe Zone wherever they go. So if they press their panic button outside of the campus Safe Zone, it will activate the panic feature on the app, which will send the panic alert and their location to their nominated contacts.

Emergency Directory

The app also contains a directory with emergency contacts where you’ll be able to find your nearest hospital, police station, etc. And with one button you’ll be able to call them or be directed to their location.

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WiFi technology

The Safe Zone system runs off WiFi Access Points, so we could install WiFi infrastructure from scratch if needed or integrate with existing infrastructure where possible.

Tech Partner
Dimension Data

Our Technical Partner is Dimension Data, which means we’re offering a world class system. They have a global footprint with over 6000 clients in 58 countries.


We were selected by Santam as one of the top 10 winners in the Santam Safety Competition.

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