What is a Safe Zone for Residential Estates & Retirement Villages?

In an emergency situation response time is crucial as a matter of seconds could mean the difference between life and death. The Safe Zones system for residential estates and retirement villages can reduce emergency response time.

Why is Safe Zones needed?

When you’re in an estate, other GPS systems on the market will show that you’re in a big open space. Your responders (if you’re already using some kind of panic button on the market linked to a call centre) will take time to get to you. And where would they start looking for you in this big estate? Other products offer a panic button specifically linked to your unit, but what if you’re somewhere else in the estate like the clubhouse, or even outside of the estate?

With the Safe Zones system you will be able to see the person’s location within the estate, whether they’re at unit 5 or the clubhouse for example. Residents will even be able to check on their phone where their child or even pet is within the estate.

On-site Security

The Safe Zones system can be linked to the on-site security at the estate, allowing residents to alert the on-site security that they need help and the guardhouse will be able to see where the person is in the estate to send a guard to assist. On-site security guards are there to protect the residents and they are the closest responders and can get to the resident the fastest until further help can arrive.

Outside the Estate / Village

Outside of the estate, residents are still protected as they can load as many contacts as they like to be their guardians, whether it’s friends or family or even a neighbour. The panic alert will be sent to these guardians so they can assist in taking the necessary steps to get help to the person in need, even if it is just to phone the nearest police station or hospital. If residents are signed up for the 24 hour emergency call centre, then they will also receive the panic alert. The guardians and emergency call centre will receive the panic alert at all times, whether you’re inside or outside of the estate.

Other GPS Tracking
Other GPS Tracking


Location Tracking App


Mobile App Features
Track Your Loved Ones

Know where your loved ones are, so they can get help when and where they need it, fast. Security measures in the app assures that only you will be able to see your loved ones’ locations.

Send a Panic Alert

Send a panic alert and your location via your phone to your guardians, on-site security and or emergency call centre.

24 Hour Emergency Call Centre

The 24 hour Emergency Call Centre has trained staff to assist in an emergency situation. If you’re signed up they will also receive your panic alert and will be able to send the appropriate responders to your location.

Emergency Directory

Easily and quickly find nearby hospitals, police stations, fire stations, veterinary care, as well as national emergency numbers.

Neighbourhood Watch

Subscribe to areas of your choice and stay up to date with what’s happening in the area.

Emergency Directory App
Emergency Directory App
Location Tracking App
Neighbourhood Watch App
Wearable Panic Button

Even though you can activate the panic alert via the mobile app, you don’t always have time to reach for your phone in an emergency – that is why we also offer panic buttons that you can wear on you where it is easy to reach. We are developing a range of panic buttons, so you can wear it as a bracelet, necklace or even attach it to a keyring, making it the most versatile panic button system on the market.

Wearable panic buttons
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